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Who We Are

Meet the founder, MEET SOPHIE. I didn’t set out to be a dog breeder. I grew up on this farm. Cows, horses and of course a LOT of dogs were my childhood companions. I guess a lot of little girls dream of becoming a veterinarian, a nurse or a police officer at some point, and I was no exception. <


Designer Dogs

It’s about family, WE CARE A LOT. We are a family-owned business placing a premium on professional care, exquisitely appointed facilities and unique services. In business since 2000, we have grown to include Goldendoodles (Min and standard), Bernedoodles and Sheepadoodles.


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It's simple here, WE LOVE DOGS. To bring top-dog customer service to every client, we provide a luxurious, clean and stimulating environment. Five star amenities, attention to detail and tender loving care is offered to your precious pups


Puppy Program

The PUPPY PROGRAM. Built for you and your new best friend, Red Dog Puppy Program includes TLC extras, good nutrition and so much more. The first few months of a dog’s life are vital to good behavior


Policy and Prices

  • Purchase Agreement
    We do offer a 2 years health guarantee, viral and genetic, online support and peace of mind. Join us on Facebook
  • Puppy Aptitude Test
    The Vohlard Aptitude Puppy test is completed on all our puppies and is part of the selection process
  • Price List
    Prices vary depending on generation (F1 or F1b), size (micro, mini or standard) and breeds


  • Hi! I am the proud owner of Roman, and hope everyone is enjoying their pups! I have been in heaven here with my husband the past 3 weeks- cheers and thank you to Sophie for breeding suck wonderful puppies!
  • I would love to exhange photo and info on our new pupp Piper. She was the last puppy out of the gang to find a home and I can t tell you how lucky we are to have her in our life. She has been just amazing since we brought her home and everyone I see is just in awww of her and her looks. The comment I get all the time is....is she real?? She looks like a teddy bear! Thank you sophia for such a great puppy!!
  • Thought I would share this with you all,I train Bailey for 10-15 min. ever morning.I use little treats or her dog kibble to help me out with some of her training.This morning Leah decided that she wanted to help with the training.She got herself a little bowl,threw some dog kibble in it and began asking Bailey to sit,stay,come,paw,down....... it was a wonderful sight to see.What was even better was Bailey never missed a beat,she hit every command like a pro......that s my girls!! Hope all is well